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Office furniture,
consultancy and design.
The rediscovery of the essential
and sustainable design.

The world of office furniture is constantly evolving to ensure not only the best production performance, but also an excellent standard of aesthetics and quality.
TA Office&More, with its consolidated experience in the sector, offers the best solutions, thanks to continuous updating and great attention to design trends.

Find out about our areas of expertise and the improvements we can make to your working environment.


Furniture for the workplaces of the future


What makes office furniture ergonomic?

Acoustic solutions

Transforming sound into calm

Smart home working

Transforming the home environment into your workspace

Lounge area

The importance of relaxation areas
for productivity

Air purification

Bacteria and Coronavirus-proof working environments


Accommodation for your business

Steelcase dealer for the Italian market

We are the dealer of Steelcase products, designed and manufactured for people’s prosperity and longevity.


Our mission is to make the workspace not unique: to create workspaces on a human scale to the point of making them as elegant, practical and comfortable as the home environment; to also create home working spaces that can be superimposed on the furnishings of one’s home.


Supported by the values of sustainability and ergonomics, TA Arredamenti sees the fusion of work and home environments in a perfect integration and overlapping; office environments will be increasingly pleasant to live in and home environments will enjoy working design spaces to complement the demands of modern life.

Open yourself to
Sustainable choices

Interior design solutions made to last

established over time

We have established partnerships and exclusive contracts by selecting the brands and channels of Italian and international excellence in order to always guarantee product reliability and performance, elegant design and innovation.

People behind desks

How we design office furniture is an office ourselves and, in line with our philosophy, we always put people at the centre of operations. Discover our management team.

Sales Manager


A pure sales manager who believes in 'teamwork' to achieve objectives and first and foremost to satisfy his customers. Born in Biella, Stefano gained 25 years of experience in the furniture and furnishing accessories sector when he started working with his family business. In the 2000s he managed a GDO store in Piedmont and in 2006 he moved to Milan and specialised in the "supplies" sector. This remarkable acquisition of specific skills allows him to start a partnership with TA ARREDAMENTI in 2017. He thus contributes to the birth of the TA Office&More division.
Executive manager


Born in Milan and graduated in economics from the Cattolica University, she is now a Partner of TA ARREDAMENTI, having contributed to the creation of the TA Office&More division in 2017.
This is how she began her work experience in the furniture sector, enriching her skills in the world of design. The skills acquired in the field allow her to show off her expertise in eco-sustainability and business procedures. As Executive Manager of Ta Office & More, her role is to manage relations with international clients.


Born in Lissone, he boasts twenty years of experience in sales in the furniture sector. In 2017 he began his consulting activity in Ta Office&More, further strengthening his strengths: the management of custom projects and expertise in the field of soundproofing.
Sales assistant


A graduate in public management from the University of Milan, he has ten years' experience in sales and customer relations. At Ta Office&More he works alongside you as a sales assistant with back office, order management, quotations and after-sales functions.

We have furnished the offices of leading companies operating in Italy

Let's furnish your working environment together!