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Home office
and work from home

Smart Home Working. Creating the home office!

Transforming the home environment
into your workspace

Even before Covid-19 smart working affected 570,000 workers in Italy alone, the lockdown imposed worldwide in recent months to combat the pandemic has transformed a trend into a necessity, significantly accelerating a process already underway. Although we do not yet know how our way of life will change post-Covid-19, there is no doubt that creating workspaces at home will be essential. Indeed, there are many smarworkers around the world who have not yet returned to their homes. Google and Facebook have already announced that their employees will be able to work from home until December. And in 2021, agile working will also be confirmed for most of them.

Flexibility and dynamism are therefore the key words. It is certain that working from home will continue even after the coronavirus emergency. So it is worth getting equipped and understanding how best to create a home office, because smart working requires more than just a PC and a good internet connection.

Ergonomic solutions

It is tempting to think that we can make do with improvised long-term adaptations at home or buy cheap solutions from the ‘high street’, but invariably the products are not built to withstand the durability and comfort requirements of commercial office interiors. Employers also have a responsibility to procure compliant IT equipment for domestic workers to help avoid discomfort and fatigue in the short term and the potential for more serious musculoskeletal problems in the long term. All our task chairs, for example, meet the most up-to-date dimensional, ergonomic and strength guidelines,

Configuring the space in your home correctly is essential to help you concentrate, enjoy yourself and if you want to exploit the full potential of our Smart Home Working products.

We have provided a choice on the breadth and depth of package options to reflect the type of work your colleagues do at home and to support any need for flexibility if space is limited.