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The future is in
our hands

Creating workspace solutions that shape our future generations is indeed a responsible task. Schools are not only the largest working areas, but also the most important

The furnishing
school environments

Decenni di esperienza pratica ci hanno insegnato l’influenza innegabilmente forte che un ambiente fisico ha sulla qualità del lavoro svolto in quell’ambiente. Al fine di creare strutture di apprendimento funzionali e stimolanti, uniamo la nostra conoscenza del design degli interni, della tecnologia e dell’istruzione. Con decine di anni di esperienza, progettiamo e sviluppiamo ambienti robusti dal punto di vista ergonomico e dal punto di vista educativo, incentrati sul benessere degli insegnanti e degli studenti. Soluzioni intelligenti, di supporto e attraenti consentono a tutti di crescere e raggiungere il loro pieno potenziale.

Different classes,
different ways of learning

There are infinite ways of learning and countless teaching methods. To account for these differences, we create a variety of teaching environments. We consider both teachers and students as different individuals, so we install furniture that is ergonomic. Educational spaces should adapt to different personalities, not the other way around.

Archive solutions,
all space is usable

Contemporary corridors are more than just walkways. Acting as a meeting ground for communication and school logistics, functional furniture can build the foundation for great school days. Sturdy and durable lockers stand up to constant use, while clever design features make it easy to organise books, pens and paper.

Multimedia stations – New technology needs new space

Our aim is to combine the best of both worlds by providing a place for books and other printed material right next to the computer terminals. In addition, spaces for conversation and reflection are essential, as well as putting staff within easy reach. Each of these individual features creates an all-round learning environment.

A living library
is stimulating for the mind

Above and beyond a place to store books, the library is the heart and soul of the school. We are experts in transforming this space into an area for learning and reflection. Intuitive ergonomic solutions support individual study time, as well as allowing for relaxed collaboration and group activities.

The teachers’ room
A place for conversation and reflection

A space for recuperation and reflection is extremely important for school staff. Every minute here offers a valuable opportunity to recharge and relive. By providing an authentically designed space with comfortable seating, a few moments can make all the difference.

Teachers’ office
Ergonomics and intelligent storage

Preparing lessons, correcting tests or chatting with students: a teacher’s office is very busy during a school day. Giving the design of this space the same care and attention as the classroom paves the way for a flexible and efficient solution with a wide range of benefits.

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